Quality PLA filament Faberdashery

When Andrew and Claire started experimenting with 3D printing, the only available materials were black and white ABS, which were not even produced in Europe. So, they decided to found Faberdashery Ltd., to research and develop printing materials in many beautiful colours for high quality prints, and at the same time environmentally friendly and safe to use.


A few years later they have created the highest quality filaments of biodegradable PLA in a wide variety of wonderful colours, all produced in the UK! Faberdashery filaments are perfect to print with, truly as good as it gets. They are made with the highest quality PLA, whereas the colours and the other components meet high safety standards.


The Faberdashery colour variety is great, and new colours are continuously added to the range. At the moment there are opaque, translucent, metallic and “special” colours:

In a somewhat more classic category of translucent PLA, Faberdashery offers amazing options like Lemon Drop and Glacial Blue. Crystal Clear is very clear, almost transparent, especially in prints with a single perimeter and Spiral Vase.


There is a great variety of opaque colours that includes fantastic examples, such as Squeezed Orange, Lapis Blue, Princely Purple, or Bloomsbury Teal, which is close to the colour of Fixers, # 266e7a.


The metallic colours are really excellent. Try for example Space Marine or Galaxy Blue.


Under special colours we have the fluorescent Glowbug Yellow and Aurora that changes from reddish purple to bright translucent blue when exposed to ultraviolet light!


At the moment the complete colour range (March 2015) includes 37 colours with interesting names: Arctic White, Classic Black, Storm Grey, Earl Grey, Architect Stone, Woodland Brown, Desert Tan, Buttercream, Lapis Blue, Electric Blue, Bloomsbury Teal, Village Green, Greenery Green, Princely Purple, Squeezed Orange, Fire Truck Red, Mellow Yellow, Cyber Yellow, Punk Star Pink, Cherry Blossom Pink, Glowbug Yellow, Aurora, Smoky Black, Glacial Blue, Dark Saphire, Orange Fizz, Cherry Sour, Lemon Drop, Crystal Clear, Jade Green, True Lagoon, Pearly White, Space Marine, Galaxy Blue, Mercury Red, Robot Silver and Bling Bling Gold.


A recent multicolour print where Faberdashery colours show their charm is the original Apple logo (1977), which we printed in three dimensions with Electric Blue, Princely Purple, Fire Truck Red, Squeezed Orange, Mellow Yellow and Village Green.



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